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Report monthly Linode cost
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'byebug'
require 'linode'
require 'awesome_print'
# setup API access - key is in file
open('/etc/linode.conf').read =~ /api_key: (.+)/
lin = key).linode
# get generic plans and prices
plans = {}
lin.avail.linodeplans.each { |plan|
plans[plan.planid] = plan
ap plans
# get our plans and prices
nodes = {}
lin.list.each { |node|
group = node[:lpm_displaygroup]
nodes[group] ||= []
nodes[group] << node
# report costs
puts "Monthly Linode costs by server group:"
total_cost = 0
nodes.each_pair { |group, nodes|
ap nodes
cost = { |n| n.planid }.map { |id| id; plans[id].price }.inject(:+).round
total_cost += cost
puts "#{group} $#{cost}"
puts "\nTOTAL: $#{total_cost}/month"
puts "\nThis report was automatically generated"
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