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pragma solidity ^0.4.18;
import "./ECRecovery.sol";
contract Voting {
using ECRecovery for bytes32;
mapping (bytes32 => uint8) public votesReceived;
mapping(bytes32 => bytes32) public candidateHash;
mapping(address => bool) public voterStatus;
mapping(bytes32 => bool) public validCandidates;
function Voting(bytes32[] _candidateNames, bytes32[] _candidateHashes) public {
for(uint i = 0; i < _candidateNames.length; i++) {
validCandidates[_candidateNames[i]] = true;
candidateHash[_candidateNames[i]] = _candidateHashes[i];
function totalVotesFor(bytes32 _candidate) view public returns (uint8) {
return votesReceived[_candidate];
function voteForCandidate(bytes32 _candidate, address _voter, bytes _signedMessage) public {
bytes32 voteHash = candidateHash[_candidate];
address recoveredAddress = voteHash.recover(_signedMessage);
require(recoveredAddress == _voter);
votesReceived[_candidate] += 1;
voterStatus[_voter] = true;
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