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By request of @hynek :)
from boltons.iterutils import remap
DATA = {"a": {"b": 1, "c": {"d": 2}}}
OUT = ["a.b", "a.c.d"]
def get_leaf_paths(root, with_val=False):
Returns a list of paths, or path-value tuples if with_val=True, of leaf values in a JSON-serializable structure.
ret = []
def visit(path, key, value):
if not isinstance(value, (dict, list)):
full_path = '.'.join([str(p) for p in (path + (key,))])
if with_val:
ret.append((full_path, value))
return True
remap(root, visit=visit, reraise_visit=False)
if with_val:
return sorted(ret, key=lambda x: x[0])
return sorted(ret)
leaf_paths = get_leaf_paths(DATA)
assert leaf_paths == OUT
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