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$grid-settings: (
max-width: 1200px,
columns: 12,
gutter: 30px,
enable-box-sizing: true
) !default;
$grid-breakpoints: (
xs: 1px,
sm: 480px,
md: 769px,
View analytics.js
* Analytics tracking
* @author Maikel Daloo
* @date 22th March 2013
* @link
* Currently set up to use Google Analytics.
* If you wish to use another tracking service, update the track methods.
View loadingindicator.js
* Loading Indicator
* @author Maikel Daloo
* @date 12th March 2013
* Creates a new module and intercepts all ajax requests.
* Every time a request is sent, we display the loading message and increment
* the enable_counter variable. Then when requests complete (whether success or error)
* we increment the disable_counter variable and we only hide the loading message
View custom-submit.js
* Custom submit directive that will only submit when all the validation has passed
* for all the fields. This extends on the ng-submit directive provided by AngularJS.
* This directive will also remove the 'pristine' flag from all the fields when
* hitting submit, allowing the form to display no errors until the submit button
* is clicked/enter is pressed.
* The variable 'app' is the instance of a module.
* E.g. var app = angular.module('my-app', []);