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Display a mel-scaled power spectrogram using librosa
# Mostly taken from:
import librosa
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# Load sound file
y, sr = librosa.load("filename.mp3")
# Let's make and display a mel-scaled power (energy-squared) spectrogram
S = librosa.feature.melspectrogram(y, sr=sr, n_mels=128)
# Convert to log scale (dB). We'll use the peak power as reference.
log_S = librosa.logamplitude(S, ref_power=np.max)
# Make a new figure
# Display the spectrogram on a mel scale
# sample rate and hop length parameters are used to render the time axis
librosa.display.specshow(log_S, sr=sr, x_axis='time', y_axis='mel')
# Put a descriptive title on the plot
plt.title('mel power spectrogram')
# draw a color bar
plt.colorbar(format='%+02.0f dB')
# Make the figure layout compact

aosmith commented Apr 24, 2015

Great tutorial. You're forgetting

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