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Created March 18, 2024 08:31
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Research Plan for Podman Desktop Developers on K8S Study



  1. How many years of experience do you have working with Kubernetes?
  2. What is your preferred Kubernetes distribution?
  3. Approximately how many Kubernetes environments does your organization maintain, and what kind of environments are they (prod, dev, etc)?
  4. How does your organization create these Kubernetes environments?
  5. Do you typically work with local or remote Kubernetes clusters? Roughly how many of each?
  6. Are there any deployment requirements or standards in your organization that impact that Kubernetes YAML you create?
  7. Could you briefly describe the types of applications that you work on? Are they mostly new or legacy applications? Are they monolithic or microservices?


  1. What are the primary tools, CLIs, and components that you use, and how do you utilize them in your standard workflow? Do you prefer CLI or GUI tools? Which ones?
  2. Are you using anything outside of the common components (deployment, pod, services, ingress) for your application?
  3. Do you primarily use tools or automation to write Kubernetes YAML files, or do you tend to write them manually?
  4. Are there any particular challenges or difficulties that you encounter when writing Kubernetes YAML files?
  5. Do you do any security analysis on containers before deploying them? If so, what tool do you use?
  6. Is there a designated person or team responsible for image creation and maintenance within your organization?


  1. Can you describe your general approach to debugging issues with your applications, including any tools that you use to aid the process or where you go when you have questions?
  2. How do you approach debugging issues that are only reproducible in production?

Additional Questions

  1. Do you experience any recurring issues, challenges, or pain points when working with Kubernetes that we haven’t discussed yet?
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