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OpenStack-Ansible diff - 12.0.13 to 12.0.14
OpenStack-Ansible Release Diff Generator
Old commit: 434bfac Update openstack-ansible-security role SHA
New commit: 204dd67 Correct nova admin endpoint version
________ aodh (commits: 0) ___________________________________________________
No changes
________ ceilometer (commits: 1) _____________________________________________
3a1fcaf7 Lookup meter definition fields correctly
________ cinder (commits: 0) _________________________________________________
No changes
________ glance (commits: 0) _________________________________________________
No changes
________ heat (commits: 2) ___________________________________________________
2c01aa7d Updated from global requirements
93c5a3a6 Stop engine service correctly
________ horizon (commits: 0) ________________________________________________
No changes
________ keystone (commits: 5) _______________________________________________
53a6dc0e Return 404 instead of 401 for tokens w/o roles
f3b9b41d Remove test_invalid_policy_raises_error
f811287b Changed the key repo validation to allow read only
cdc0c2c5 Updated from global requirements
________ neutron (commits: 42) _______________________________________________
e1d177f6 Support rootwrap sysctl and conntrack commands for non-l3 nodes
d32d0667 Decomposition phase2 for MidoNet plugin
54f88199 Separate the command for replace_port to delete and add
09659536 Prevent PD subnets with incorrect IPv6 modes
ec052cf2 radvd prefix configuration for DHCPV6_Stateful RA
3b54294d Watch for 'new' events in ovsdb monitor for ofport
b30eb16b Add IPAllocation object to session info to stop GC
eec85f36 Make run_ofctl check for socket error
a21da84e Update default gateway in the fip namespace after subnet-update
b57d9fa9 Linux Bridge: Add mac spoofing filtering to ebtables
d1618c91 port security: gracefully handle resources with no bindings
0186815e fix _validate_shared_update for dvr router ports
c55aba1d Make agent interface plugging utilize network MTU
b33c16bb OVS: Add mac spoofing filtering to flows
1d1159bb IPtables firewall prevent ICMPv6 spoofing
69a384a9 Use admin context when removing DVR router on vm port deletion
d29e2f77 DVR: Clear SNAT namespace when agent restarts after router move
0ffab093 Add exponential back-off RPC client
c6f81881 RBAC: Fix port query and deletion for network owner
13f7d194 Outerjoin to networks for port ownership filter
92f40c54 Updated from global requirements
________ neutron_fwaas (commits: 2) __________________________________________
2ce8b589 FWaaS quota registration
________ neutron_lbaas (commits: 0) __________________________________________
No changes
________ neutron_vpnaas (commits: 0) _________________________________________
No changes
________ nova (commits: 30) __________________________________________________
c0dfe423 Fix wrong CPU metric value in metrics_filter
f593d90f <VMWare> Allocate free bus for new SCSI controller
32cb410f Properly inject network_data.json in configdrive
fa3fb5e6 Don't track migrations in 'accepted' state
3bc45979 Failed migration shoudn't be reported as in progress
cab3d64c Fix retry mechanism for generator results
79a49b3d The 'record' option of the WebSocketProxy should be string
9da547eb Change "libvirt.xml" back to the original after doing unrescue
f6f0d1ba Changed an HTTP exception to return proper code
dd049d11 Updated from global requirements
45fad780 compute: Retain instance metadata for 'evacuate' on shared storage
3a713f8b Fix serial console worker blocking Nova
743d5efc imagebackend: Check that the RBD image exists before trying to cleanup
d836c717 skip lock_unlock_server test for cells
d493c369 Updated from global requirements
________ novncproxy (commits: 1) _____________________________________________
f52105bc Add fallback value for devicePixelRatio
________ requirements (commits: 4) ___________________________________________
39666236 Bump upper constraint of neutronclient to 3.1.1
9d7d4338 Block dnspython 1.13.0
0103a705 Cap python-keystoneclient <3.0.0
________ spicehtml5 (commits: 0) _____________________________________________
No changes
________ swift (commits: 0) __________________________________________________
No changes
________ tempest (commits: 52) _______________________________________________
e1a1707c Added test for router's port update with fixed IP.
e4796f8d Remove Ceilometer tempest tests
ca5a9fff Add generic CONF skip decorators
054f45df Add option to tempest init to show global conf dir
81c427df Py3: fix an error when adding two `dict_items`
fa7ce9c3 Py3: `reduce` is not a built-in anymore, use six.moves instead
5f5e4fcc Extend remote client to allow for better debugging
2a70a610 Pass server to RemoteClient in API tests
f344eec2 ssh before shelve to avoid ssh failures
0385e10e Fix the docstring of skip_unless_config()
0892cb25 Correct mispell words in comments
10d5af25 Skip multinodes testing if no same/different scheduler filter enabled
6cc6fbc5 Adding documentation to dynamic_creds functions
755c6ee9 Snapshot list using 'limit' parameter
1964a262 Ensure tempest tests don't assume IP address allocation strategy
64a5b9ec Add test case for CONF skip decorators with message
aac02d06 Add release notes for kilo EOL release
41e7a389 Add separate release notes page for 12.0.0
6506f90f Change scenario test 'test_resize_server_confirm'
f2deb18a Addresses Expect: 100-continue client behavior
9d042496 Skip test_resize_volume_backed_server_confirm for now
4982cde2 Revert "Skip test_resize_volume_backed_server_confirm for now"
c35b36e5 Correct misspelt word in msg in
4a412726 Update cfg option network_for_ssh's help msg
a1edb2d2 Improve logging of credentials
e8896de3 Docs: Fix Hacking guide bulleting
1f161e5c Cinder storage pools tests
3e38565d Updated from global requirements
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