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OpenStack-Ansible diff - 13.1.1 to 13.1.2
OpenStack-Ansible Release Diff Generator
Old commit: 39edcac Merge "Initial commit to enable liberty>mitaka upgrades" into stable/mitaka
New commit: 2c46161 Merge "DOCS: Clarify guidance for deploy hosts" into stable/mitaka
________ aodh (commits: 1) ___________________________________________________
966f7692 Fix and improve the partition coordinator
________ ceilometer (commits: 8) _____________________________________________
6292e0e4 Fix notification listeners usage
75c48c06 fix CI failure due to oslo.messaging 5.0.0
9cf03979 [Trivial] Update Neutron resource status list
9ba3c494 Updated from global requirements
1c0b83cb tempest_plugin: drop telemetry decorator
9d2864fa Imported Translations from Zanata
________ cinder (commits: 18) ________________________________________________
d7af0590 Fix RPC and Object version pinning on API
ae081d67 Imported Translations from Zanata
54b024f5 Huawei: Do not do split if replication pair abnormal
4dbaf981 Imported Translations from Zanata
b472931a image: don't use is_public with glance V2 API
d6a502b7 Add provider_location to cloned volume
4dcd0096 Updated from global requirements
66dcbd0d Manage existing volume with invalid host
939c1663 NetApp: Use Local Cache to Copy an Available Image
a82d2695 Remove object to dictionary translation logic
68cbb9d9 gpfs: remove a race in deleting volumes
________ glance (commits: 3) _________________________________________________
b3d76750 use stable/mitaka upper-constraints
3515bf39 Updated from global requirements
________ heat (commits: 13) __________________________________________________
1826359a Stop engine service correctly
aabd192a Make RPC call to abandon nested stack
1fd4fd4c Imported Translations from Zanata
fcaba693 Imported Translations from Zanata
b140e446 Updated from global requirements
2a8b332c Don't validate template resource parameter defaults in parent
0366c36c Reset stack status after resources
79b74197 Imported Translations from Zanata
089acb16 Use region from config in functional tests
________ horizon (commits: 28) _______________________________________________
ecb8f46d Use Chrome for JS unit tests
722a7b3b Pass environment data to update stack action
ec4fdd8a Fix longtime tests
408114a0 Fix pre_test_hook fail and sidebar menu fail
7edc3465 Fix translation test
6554a3fb Imported Translations from Zanata
c570ee94 Fix key import in angular Launch Instance
f812b3ce Updated from global requirements
26e359b7 Imported Translations from Zanata
31b9439d Image create "Copy Data" checkbox wrong label
b398571d Fix existing metadata display in metadata widget
c5779c70 "Clear Selection" is unlocalzed
cdde60c3 Change Metadata Display widget to case insensitive
0ea1326b Imported Translations from Zanata
7896a2a3 Add scrolling to the projector selector
52c0894f Fix untranslated strings in ng-instance
________ ironic (commits: 11) ________________________________________________
0d03bfb3 use stable/mitaka upper-constraints
427c0b5f Update tempest compute flavor_ref/flavor_ref_alt
cdb80e0c Enable download of tinyipa prebuilt image
a7673b6d pull mitaka release notes from the mitaka branch
58147b2d Updated from global requirements
e114c664 Fix usage of rest_client expected_success() in tests
f4d081ea Update compute_driver in documentation
________ keystone (commits: 4) _______________________________________________
053ad79a Allow 'domain' property for
b3c9a073 Remove test_invalid_policy_raises_error
238f6072 Updated from global requirements
6dee3ac6 Fix post jobs
________ neutron (commits: 33) _______________________________________________
cc275e49 Linux Bridge: Add mac spoofing filtering to ebtables
cd77e8b8 LinuxBridge agent's QoS driver bw limit for egress traffic
d7dc9094 OVS: Add mac spoofing filtering to flows
3e66b1a8 IPtables firewall prevent ICMPv6 spoofing
a88b41c7 Don't log warning for missing resource_versions
b9103329 DVR: Clear SNAT namespace when agent restarts after router move
eca893be Preserve backward compatibility with OVS hybrid plugging
8825166f Use correct session in update_allocation_pools
3ab2ada7 Add exponential back-off RPC client
65bb2d5e Fix test failure against latest oslo.* from master
64bddf0d Imported Translations from Zanata
c871a433 Add semaphore to ML2 create_port db operation
c98c866e Fix update target tenant RBAC external path
98b200bb Fix broken Tempest conf options in API tests
9b710276 Restart dsnmasq on any network subnet change
30a849eb Fix SR-IOV binding when two NICs mapped to one physnet
41e0fcd6 DVR: Handle unbound allowed_address_pair port with FIP
ca690cc4 DVR: Fix TypeError in arp update with allowed_address_pairs
________ neutron_fwaas (commits: 0) __________________________________________
No changes
________ neutron_lbaas (commits: 0) __________________________________________
No changes
________ neutron_lbaas_dashboard (commits: 1) ________________________________
5d9cbb2f Update requirement for horizon in stable/mitaka
________ neutron_vpnaas (commits: 9) _________________________________________
1123c55e VPNaaS returns 500 INTERNAL error with long names, descriptions
15b9c3d1 OpenSwan: handle disconnect properly for multiple subnets
58a52515 Ensure that PK values don't default to NULL
bede3a35 Set path for neutron conf dir in devstack if missing
1d48dcd5 Add grenade upgrade hooks to stop agent
caab92d6 Fix grenade plugin
________ nova (commits: 9) ___________________________________________________
a744918b Change "libvirt.xml" back to the original after doing unrescue
b79eec04 Add pycrypto explicitly
3d3fb49c Fix TestNeutronv2.test_deallocate_for_instance_2* race failures
8c553457 Updated from global requirements
8b256fb5 imagebackend: Check that the RBD image exists before trying to cleanup
________ novncproxy (commits: 1) _____________________________________________
f52105bc Add fallback value for devicePixelRatio
________ requirements (commits: 10) __________________________________________
55417fbb Bumps os-win version to 0.4.2
a15affa9 Fix glance_store requirement for swiftclient 3.0.0
c7f790c6 Block dnspython 1.13.0
4f705b0e Cap python-keystoneclient <3.0.0
2d73578b update constraint for keystoneauth1 to 2.4.1
a86da9e4 update constraint for python-troveclient to 2.1.2
________ spicehtml5 (commits: 0) _____________________________________________
No changes
________ swift (commits: 1) __________________________________________________
d75e6d39 Imported Translations from Zanata
________ tempest (commits: 47) _______________________________________________
e1a1707c Added test for router's port update with fixed IP.
e4796f8d Remove Ceilometer tempest tests
ca5a9fff Add generic CONF skip decorators
054f45df Add option to tempest init to show global conf dir
81c427df Py3: fix an error when adding two `dict_items`
fa7ce9c3 Py3: `reduce` is not a built-in anymore, use six.moves instead
5f5e4fcc Extend remote client to allow for better debugging
2a70a610 Pass server to RemoteClient in API tests
f344eec2 ssh before shelve to avoid ssh failures
0385e10e Fix the docstring of skip_unless_config()
0892cb25 Correct mispell words in comments
10d5af25 Skip multinodes testing if no same/different scheduler filter enabled
6cc6fbc5 Adding documentation to dynamic_creds functions
755c6ee9 Snapshot list using 'limit' parameter
64a5b9ec Add test case for CONF skip decorators with message
aac02d06 Add release notes for kilo EOL release
41e7a389 Add separate release notes page for 12.0.0
6506f90f Change scenario test 'test_resize_server_confirm'
f2deb18a Addresses Expect: 100-continue client behavior
9d042496 Skip test_resize_volume_backed_server_confirm for now
4982cde2 Revert "Skip test_resize_volume_backed_server_confirm for now"
c35b36e5 Correct misspelt word in msg in
a1edb2d2 Improve logging of credentials
e8896de3 Docs: Fix Hacking guide bulleting
1f161e5c Cinder storage pools tests
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