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Last active November 5, 2022 07:48
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Use OpenAI Image API to "draw" a ruby in Ruby
require "json"
require "bundler"
Bundler.require :default
# Gemfile:
# ---
# source ""
# gem "excon"
def generate_image(prompt:)
args = {
"prompt" => prompt,
"n" => 1,
"size" => "1024x1024",
headers = {
"Authorization" => "Bearer #{OPENAI_API_KEY}",
"Content-Type" => "application/json",
response =
body: args.to_json,
headers: headers,
resp = JSON.parse(response.body)
prompt = "one stone, shining stone, multifaceted gem, pyramidal ruby, ruby stone gem top view, light on multifaceted gem faces, gem edges, multicolor, synthwave, red, dark translucent red, color, 4k, hdr, digital art, artstation super trending, incredible detail, hq"
image_url = generate_image prompt: prompt
puts image_url
`open "#{image_url}"` # opens the image on mac
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