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Created February 3, 2012 21:46
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Arc Setup (Ubuntu)
if ! hash git &> /dev/null || ! hash php &> /dev/null; then
echo -e " *****\n ***** INSTALLING GIT AND PHP\n *****"
if hash apt-get &> /dev/null; then
sudo apt-get install git-core php5-cli php5-curl
elif hash port &> /dev/null; then
sudo port install php5-curl
elif hash fink &> /dev/null; then
sudo fink install git php5-curl
elif hash yum &> /dev/null; then
sudo yum install git php-curl
if [ ! -d ~/.arc_install ]; then
echo -e " *****\n ***** CLONING THE ARC TOOL\n *****"
mkdir ~/.arc_install
git clone git:// ~/.arc_install/libphutil
git clone git:// ~/.arc_install/arcanist
echo -e " *****\n ***** UPDATING ARC\n *****"
pushd ~/.arc_install/libphutil/ > /dev/null
git pull
cd ~/.arc_install/arcanist/
git pull
popd > /dev/null
if [ ! -f ~/.arcrc ]; then
~/.arc_install/arcanist/bin/arc install-certificate
if ! hash arc &> /dev/null; then
echo -e "\n******************************************************\n"
echo " Add \"~/.arc_install/arcanist/bin\" to your path"
echo -e "\n******************************************************"
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