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def run_model(df, folds, feats, model):
Takes in a dataframe of 'plays', the # folds,
features list and model, prints and returns
the mean score across all the folds
df : a dataframe object
Contains the plays
folds : int
Number of foldsZ
feats : a list object
Contains the features' columns
model : a string object
The model name
np.mean(scores) : float
Contains the average score
scores = []
for fold in range(folds):
# get training data using folds
df_train = df[df.kfold != fold].reset_index(drop=True)
# get validation data using folds
df_valid = df[df.kfold == fold].reset_index(drop=True)
# get training data
x_train = df_train[feats].values
# get validation data
x_valid = df_valid[feats].values
# initialize Logistic Regression model
model = model
# fit model on training data (ohe), df_train.gm_cluster.values)
# predict on validation data
valid_preds = model.predict(x_valid)
# get f1_weighted score
f1 = f1_score(df_valid.gm_cluster.values, valid_preds, average='weighted')
# print f1
print(f"Fold = {fold}, F1 = {f1}")
# register the score in the score list
# print total score
print(f"Model {model} \n===================\nMean F1 Score = {np.mean(scores)}")
return np.mean(scores)
# initialize Logistic Regression model
logres = LogisticRegression(
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