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python one liners!
Some useful Python one-liners taken from
All modules listed are part of the standard library and should work with Python 2.6+
How to use:
$ python -m [module] [arguments]
calendar - does default to displaying a yearly calendar, but it has a bunch of options (args are year or year month, options are HTML output, calendar locale, encoding, and some type-specific stuff, see python -m calendar -h)
cgi, dumps a bunch of information as HTML to stdout
CGIHTTPRequestHandler - same as SimpleHTTPServer except via the CGIHTTPRequestHandler: it will executes scripts it recognizes as CGI, instead of just sending them over (has not survived the transition to Python 3)
compileall - compiles a tree of Python files to bytecode, has a bunch of options. Does not compile to stripped files (pyo)
cProfiler - runs the provided script file (argument) under cProfiler
dis disassembles a python script
doctest - runs doctests on the provided files (which can be python scripts or doctest files)
encodings.rot_13 - rot13 encodes stdin to stdout (has not survived the transition to Python 3)
filecmp - directory entry comparison tool
fileinput - some kind of ghetto pseudo-annotate. No idea what use that thing might be of
formatter - reformats the provided file argument (or stdin) to stdout: 80c paragraphs &etc
ftplib - ghetto FTP client
gzip - ghetto gzip (or gunzip with -d), can only compress and decompress, does not delete the archive file
htmllib - strips HTML tags off of an HTML file
ifc - dumps some info about the provided aiff file (if given two paths, also copies path1 to path2)
imaplib - ghetto IMAP client
json.tool - pretty prints JSON
locale - displays current locale information
mimify - converts (mail) messages to and from MIME format
modulefinder - lists the modules imported by the provided script argument, and their location
pdb - automatically enters PDB post-mortem mode if the script crashes
platform - displays the platform string
poplib - dumps a bunch of info on a POP mailbox
profile - see cProfile
pstats - opens a statistics browser (for profile files)
pydoc - same as the pydoc command
quopri / uu binhex / base64 - encode / decode - quoted-Printable / UUEncoded content.
shlex - displays tokenization result of the provided file argument (one token per line prefixed with Token:)
SimpleHTTPServer - serve the current directory over HTTP on port 8080
SimpleXMLRPCServer - XMLRPC server for power and addition
smtpd - SMTP proxy
telnetlib - telnet client
timeit - command line profiling interface
tokenize - dumps tokenization result of a Python file
urllib - fetches a url
webbrowser - opens provided URL in your default web browser (options: in a new window, in a new tab)
whichdb - tries to guess which db package (for db format nobody cares about) can be used to read a db file
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