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package main
func main(){
// iterate through the attributes of a Data Model instance
for name, mtype := range attributes(&Dish{}) {
fmt.Printf("Name: %s, Type %s\n", name, mtype.Name())
// Data Model
type Dish struct {
Id int
Name string
Origin string
Query func()
// Example of how to use Go's reflection
// Print the attributes of a Data Model
func attributes(m interface{}) (map[string]reflect.Type) {
typ := reflect.TypeOf(m)
// if a pointer to a struct is passed, get the type of the dereferenced object
if typ.Kind() == reflect.Ptr{
typ = typ.Elem()
// create an attribute data structure as a map of types keyed by a string.
attrs := make(map[string]reflect.Type)
// Only structs are supported so return an empty result if the passed object
// isn't a struct
if typ.Kind() != reflect.Struct {
fmt.Printf("%v type can't have attributes inspected\n", typ.Kind())
return attrs
// loop through the struct's fields and set the map
for i := 0; i < typ.NumField(); i++ {
p := typ.Field(i)
if !p.Anonymous {
attrs[p.Name] = p.Type
return attrs
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