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Working from home

Jeremy Wagner malchata

Working from home
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malchata / atom-stylesheet.less
Created Jul 14, 2017
Mein Stylesheetensteinenhausenflichendochen
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* Your Stylesheet
* This stylesheet is loaded when Atom starts up and is reloaded automatically
* when it is changed and saved.
* Add your own CSS or Less to fully customize Atom.
* If you are unfamiliar with Less, you can read more about it here:
malchata / measure-image-decode.js
Last active Aug 19, 2018
A super Jerry-rigged way of getting image decode times from traces captured using Puppeteer
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// This is Node script that uses Puppeteer (headless Chrome) to measure the decode time
// of a single image injected into a blank HTML document. It uses minimist to take command
// line arguments. Example usage: node measure-image-decode.js
// This example assumes you're running a local server to grab the blank document.
// Thanks to Paul Irish and Tim Kadlec for their input!
const puppeteer = require("puppeteer");
const argv = require("minimist")(process.argv.slice(2));
async function getDecode(url) {
View Median, Average, and p90th Image Request Size from HTTP Archive
* Obtained from the HTTP Archive's BigQuery dataset.
* Dataset table name: httparchive.summary_requests.2018_04_15_desktop
* BigQuery guide:
"type": "image",
"format": "jpg",
"Requests": "9153030",
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atom-workspace {
--editor-font-size: 1.625rem;
atom-text-editor {
.cursor {
border-left: .25rem solid;
transition: opacity .1875s ease-out;