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Malcolm Greaves malcolmgreaves

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malcolmgreaves /
Created Apr 26, 2022
A bash script showing how to set up an exit trap that (1) preserves the exit code of the trap's trigger and (2) allows you to inspect the trigger's exit code within the trap.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
cleanup() {
trap 'exit 0' EXIT
echo "cleanup, E=$E"
echo 'setting'
malcolmgreaves /
Created Apr 19, 2022
Allows one to obtain all concrete generic type arguments for any Python type.
from typing import List, Sequence, get_args
def get_args_all(t: type) -> List[type]:
all_args: List[type] = []
orig_bases = t.__orig_bases__
except AttributeError:
malcolmgreaves /
Created Mar 8, 2022
Function to support recursively accessing key-value pairs from a nested dictionary.
from typing import Any, Dict, Optional
def access(d: Dict[str, Any], *keys) -> Optional[Any]:
return reduce(dict.get, keys, d)
# Use as:
# >>>> access({"hello": {"world": {"how": "are you today?"}}}, "hello")
malcolmgreaves /
Created Mar 5, 2022
Example showing how to add setting of custom state with Celery Tasks that have status="FAILURE".
import json
from typing import Any, Dict
from celery import Task, states
def raw_celery_response(backend, task_id: str) -> Dict[str, Any]:
key_info: str = backend.get_key_for_task(task_id)
info_as_str: str = backend.get(key_info)
info: dict = json.loads(info_as_str)
malcolmgreaves /
Created Feb 14, 2022
Convenience function for a deprecation warning. Logs a message both as a warning as well as using the `warnings` package's `DeprecationWarning`.
import logging
import warnings
def deprecation_warning(logger: logging.Logger, msg: str) -> None:
"""Creates a deprecation warning log event with given the message and logger.
Convenience function for a deprecation warning. Logs a message both as a warning
as well as using the `warnings` package's `DeprecationWarning`.
malcolmgreaves /
Created Feb 9, 2022
A context manager for temporarily setting environment variables. Handles resetting all env vars to their previous values.
import os
from typing import ContextManager, Dict, Optional, Union
class environment(ContextManager):
"""Context manager for temporarily setting environment variables. Resets env var state on completion.
**WARNING**: Mutates the `os.environ` environment variable mapping in the :func:`__enter__`
and :func:`__exit__` methods. Every `__enter__` **MUST** be followed-up by an `__exit__`.
malcolmgreaves /
Created Feb 8, 2022
Great example of how to introduce changes in convention.
$ git init
hint: Using 'master' as the name for the initial branch. This default branch name
hint: is subject to change. To configure the initial branch name to use in all
hint: of your new repositories, which will suppress this warning, call:
hint: git config --global init.defaultBranch <name>
hint: Names commonly chosen instead of 'master' are 'main', 'trunk' and
hint: 'development'. The just-created branch can be renamed via this command:
malcolmgreaves /
Last active Feb 5, 2022
Generic number clipping function. Works with mypy type annotations.
from numbers import Number
from typing import TypeVar
N = TypeVar("N", bound=Number)
"""A number; e.g. either float or int.
def clip(value: N, minimum: N, maximum: N) -> N:
malcolmgreaves /
Created Jan 21, 2022
Re-sort any list given a list of new index positions.
from typing import TypeVar
from toolz import first, second
T = TypeVar('T')
def align(new_positions: List[int], items: List[T]) -> List[T]:
"""Re-sort any list given a list of new index positions.
malcolmgreaves /
Last active Dec 8, 2021
Compare two `torch.nn.module` instances together, yielding a list of mismatched layers.
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import Optional, Iterator, Collection, Dict
import torch
class Mismatch:
message: str
err: Optional[Exception] = None