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flutter on fire

malik kurosaki malikkurosaki

flutter on fire
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xls to json javascript

<html lang="en">    

<title> Convert Excel File To JSON </title>

    <script src="js/jquery.js"> </script>
    <script lang="javascript" src="js/xlsx.full.min.js"></script>
malikkurosaki / android barcode scaner .md
Created Oct 26, 2019
android membuat scaner qr droid
View android barcode scaner .md

android baarcode scaner


   // barcode reader
    implementation 'info.androidhive:barcode-reader:1.1.5'
    implementation ''
View firebase ui

firebase ui login

  // firebase
    implementation ''
    implementation ''
    implementation ''
    implementation ''
View cek koneksi

cek koneksi internet

// network manager
    implementation 'com.github.jumadeveloper:networkmanager:0.0.2'
View jadikan email sebagai key .md

jadikan email sebagai key

 public static String getGoogleMail() {
        if (user() != null){
            String[] eml = user().getEmail().split("@");
            return eml[0].replaceAll("[^A-Za-z0-9 ]","xxx");
        }else {
            return null;
malikkurosaki / android mendapatkan date
Created Oct 24, 2019
android mendapatkan waktu date time
View android mendapatkan date

android mendapatkan date time wakru

private String getDateTime() {
        SimpleDateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat(
                "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss", Locale.getDefault());
        Date date = new Date();
        return dateFormat.format(date);
View komunikasi dari fragment ke

komunikasi dari fragment ke fragment

dari dialog fragment

package dev.malikkurosaki.gombalinkita.Dialog;

import android.content.Context;
import android.os.AsyncTask;
malikkurosaki / mendapatkan
Created Oct 23, 2019
mendapatkan view dari recyclerview
View mendapatkan

mndapatkan view dari recycler view>{
                    View vi = containerPilihSuara.findViewHolderForPosition(posisi).itemView;
                    CardView cardView = vi.findViewById(;
                    for (int i =0;i<adapterPilihSuara.getItemCount();i++){
                        View vi2 = containerPilihSuara.findViewHolderForPosition(i).itemView;
                        CardView cv = vi2.findViewById(;
malikkurosaki / top 8 search
Last active Oct 23, 2019
top 8 search engine sqllite
View top 8 search

top 8 search engine sql lite

 @Query("select *,count(*) from tabel_hasil_pencarian group by nama order by 2 desc limit 10")
    List<TabelHasilPencarian> dapatkanTop8HasilPencarian();


malikkurosaki / tanda melar
Created Oct 23, 2019
menghilangkan tanda melar direcyclervie
View tanda melar

Menghilangkan Tanda Melar Direcyclerview

    android:scrollbars="vertical" />