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(defpackage :hardest-problem
(:nicknames :hard)
(:use :clamp :experimental :iter)
(:shadowing-import-from :experimental
:def :mac :fn :defmemo :coerce
:while :until :repeat :summing :with :in))
(in-package :hard)
(def know (possibilities)
"Is the number of blue-eyed people known from the given
(single possibilities))
(defmemo possibilities (see day)
"Returns a list containing all of the possible total number of
blue-eyed people given that a person sees SEE blue-eyed people on
day DAY."
(if (is day 1)
(keep [> _ 0] (list see (inc see)))
(hofeach #'keep pos (possibilities see (dec day))
(~know (possibilities (dec pos) (dec day))))))
(def solve (see)
"Returns the day that a blue-eyed person who sees SEE blue-eyed
people would figure out they are blue-eyed."
(iter (for day from 1)
(finding day such-that (know (possibilities see day)))))
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