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Find current git commit id/hash
$ git log -1 | grep ^commit | cut -d " " -f 2
$ git log -1 | grep ^commit | awk '{print $2}'
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e3eli3h commented May 23, 2014

$ git log -1 --pretty=format:"%H"

Works well too.

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hipyhop commented Jul 18, 2019

git rev-parse HEAD

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stamepicmorg commented Feb 4, 2021

git rev-parse --short=11 HEAD

where 11 is a number of symbols from hash to show

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lijasonvip commented Jul 23, 2021

it helps a lot, thank you all

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sunwire commented Aug 1, 2021

git log --branches -1 --pretty=format:"%H"

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LEUNGUU commented May 6, 2022

Thanks. It helps!

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Penggeor commented May 7, 2022

git rev-parse HEAD


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