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i4k?w/r?1o ?i=i?yoy65kok95
qw6?ci_:<ye g'=ok?;g'n/g?o
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";i=38; "? {a?o:
]cakaia gea= krra@
y=ioa] >>@]m m ??ae__
i@ggee ooaa@@ ]] ".scan
(/../) {s=s.gsub( i.chr,
$&);i+ =1};i=59;h ={};dec
lare{s {|c|("%
07b"%( c-93)+?0+1 0.chr).t
r(?0,32 .chr)}.ea ch_slice(
8){|l|ev al"s#{c =31+i+=1}('
#{l*""}')" ;h[c.chr.to_sym]="
s#{c}";i%=95 }};scene(?q){scre

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@remore remore commented Nov 8, 2015

I posted step-by-step tutorial to execute this program:

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