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Last active Apr 23, 2019
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"Cookpad Daily Ruby Puzzles" in RubyKaigi 2019 - Extra Stage

Cookpad Daily Ruby Puzzles - Extra Stage

The Cookpad booth event in RubyKaigi 2019

See also the main problems (Day-1, Day-2, and Day-3)!

  • extra-1.rb: authored by @mame
  • extra-2.rb: authored by @mame
  • extra-3.rb: authored by @ko1
Hello = "Hello"
# Hint: Stop the recursion.
def Hello
Hello() +
" world"
puts Hello()
s = ""
# Hint:
s == s.upcase or
s == s.downcase or puts "Hello world"
def say
s = 'Small'
t = 'world'
puts "#{s} #{t}"
tp.binding.local_variable_set(:s, 'Hello')
tp.binding.local_variable_set(:t, 'Ruby')
}.enable(target: method(:say))
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