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Hello World Products API in ALPS just like the examples here:
<alps version="1.0">
<link rel="help" href="" />
This is a prototype product API.
<!-- transitions -->
<descriptor id="item" type="safe" rt="#product">
<doc>Retrieve A Single Product</doc>
<descriptor id="collection" type="safe" rt="#product">
<doc>Provides access to all products</doc>
<descriptor id="search" type="safe" rt="#product">
<doc>Provides access to all products</doc>
<descriptor href="#id" />
<descriptor id="edit" type="idempotent" rt="#product">
<doc>Updates A Product</doc>
<descriptor href="#product" />
<descriptor id="create" type="unsafe" rt="#product">
<doc>Allows the creation of a new product</doc>
<descriptor href="#product" />
<descriptor id="delete" type="idempotent">
<doc>Delete A Product </doc>
<!-- product -->
<descriptor id="product" type="semantic">
<descriptor id="id" />
<descriptor id="name" />
<descriptor id="description" />
<descriptor id="url" />
<descriptor id="thumbnailUrl" />
<descriptor id="keywords" />
<descriptor id="brand" />
<descriptor id="color" />
<descriptor id="itemCondition" />
<descriptor id="manufacturer" />
<descriptor id="model" />
<descriptor id="sku" />
<descriptor id="weight" />
<descriptor id="width" />
<descriptor id="height" />
<descriptor id="depth" />

mamund commented Mar 9, 2014

There is a JSON variant, too. Check it all out here:

kinlane commented Mar 11, 2014

This is really intuitive. Interesting approach. I'm going to update that post, just to keep on mine, and everyone elses list to learn more about.


mamund commented Mar 11, 2014


Very cool. thanks! feel free to ping me anytime and we can talk about this. Otherwise, I'll see you in Amsterdam!

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