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ALPS document w/ various examples of the `def` element
<doc>Sample Service</doc>
<!-- properties -->
<descriptor id="identifier" def="" />
<descriptor id="givenName" def="" />
<descriptor id="familyName" def="" />
<descriptor id="status" def="" />
<descriptor id="dateCreated" def="" />
<descriptor id="dateModified" def="" />
<!-- actions -->
<descriptor id="collection" type="safe" rt="#record"
def="" />
<descriptor id="item" type="safe" rt="#record"
def="" />
<descriptor id="search" type="safe" rt="#record"
def="" />
<descriptor id="create-form" type="unsafe" rt="#record"
def="" />
<descriptor id="edit-form" type="idempotent" rt="#record"
def="" />
<descriptor id="remove" type="idempotent" rt="#record"
def="" />
<!-- containers -->
<descriptor id="record">
<descriptor href="#identifier" />
<descriptor href="#givenName" />
<descriptor href="#familyName" />
<descriptor href="#status" />
<descriptor href="#dateCreated" />
<descriptor href="#dateModified" />
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