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GSoC 2016 Work Product, Manan Wason - FOSSASIA

This summers, I worked on FOSSASIA's Open Event Android apk Generator as well as enhanced the Open Event Android app

The apk generator can be used for generating a customized android app for any event just by adding your email and api endpoint/json for the data. The android app was made generic and customisable this year. It is cloned by the apk-generator on each run. We customise the app according to the user's preference and then generate the apk which is then sent to the user via email or downloaded on the same webpage
The app-generator server is hosted on a VPS server and runs on ubuntu

User can either upload an API endpoint or a zip containing json files on the generator where the data to be displayed in the app will be fetched from

We have a live version of the apk generator hosted here



My Contribution to the codebase is listed below

Open Event Android

Since I have worked on this project last year as well, I have added the relevant PR's and issues of this year's work only :

  • Pull requests made by me this year : Page 1 Page 2

  • Commits made by me :

On development : [Page 1] ( [Page 2] (
On Master : 

[Page 1] ( [Page 2] (

Open Event

Open Event Orga Server

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