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Fetch Bookmark details from temp files of browsers using json
Created on Fri Jan 27 21:48:58 2012
@author: jay
import json
import os
import gdbm
import time
import pickle
def main():
directory = '/home/jay/.mozilla/firefox/qyrgphtu.default/bookmarkbackups'
if not os.path.isdir(directory):
for path, dirs, files in os.walk(directory):
if path == directory:
files = sorted(files)
filename = files[-1]
Path = os.path.join(directory, filename)
con = json.load(f)
# Get Bookmarks Menu / Bookmarks toolbar / Tags / Unsorted Bookmarks
f ='bookmark_json','c')
con_list = con['children'] # this list will have all of the above mentioned things
for i in range(len(con_list)):
con_sub_list = con_list[i]['children'] # Access them individually
for tags in con_sub_list:
if tags.has_key('children'): # Accessing Tags # get tag list
bookmarks = tags['children'] # get all the bookmarks corresponding to the tag
if bookmarks:
for bookmark in bookmarks: # Access each bookmark
Tag = tags['title']
uri = bookmark['uri']
title = bookmark['title']
dateAdded = bookmark['dateAdded'] # it gives a long int eg. 1326378576503359L
add_date = dateAdded/1000000 # The output of time.time() would be 1326378576.503359
lastModified = bookmark['lastModified']
modified_date = lastModified/1000000
f[uri] = pickle.dumps((title, Tag, add_date, modified_date))
if (tags['title'] != 'Recently Bookmarked'
and tags['title'] != 'Recent Tags'
and tags['title'] != 'Most Visited'
and con_list[i]['title'] != 'Bookmarks Menu'):
# Accessing Unsorted Bookmarks
Tag = con_list[i]['title']
title = tags['title']
uri = tags['uri']
dateAdded = tags['dateAdded']
add_date = dateAdded/1000000
lastModified = tags['lastModified']
modified_date = lastModified/1000000
f[uri] = pickle.dumps((title, Tag, add_date, modified_date))
if __name__ == '__main__':
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