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Last active December 19, 2021 22:49
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PrimoCache shell script to preload data to cache.
read_files_from_textfile() {
while IFS=$' \t\r\n' read -r directory || [ -n "$directory" ]; do
read_files_from_directory "$directory"
done < "$1"
read_files_from_directory() {
suffix=$([ $# -gt 1 ] && echo "ies" || echo "y");
echo "Loading director$suffix $@";
find "$1" -type f -exec cat {} + | dd of=/dev/null bs=1M status=progress
read_files() {
for path in "$@"; do
if [[ ${path##*.} == "txt" ]]; then
read_files_from_textfile "$path"
read_files_from_directory "$path"
if [[ $# -gt 0 ]]; then
echo "Loading cache with PrimoCache!";
read_files "$@"
echo "No directories or text files were specified!";


For ease-of-use setup an alias. For example:

alias prime-cache="C:/"

Then in the future, when you want to preload data, you'll be able to read from the current folder like so:

prime-cache .
# or 
prime-cache "D:\Games"
# or
prime-cache "D:\Game1Folder" "D:\Game2Folder"
# or from list
prime-cache ./preload-list.txt
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