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mandreko /
Last active May 6, 2024 02:54 — forked from joltcan/
Prusa Connect Webcam upload

From Nunos great instructions


  1. Go to the Cameras section at
  2. Add a new camera.
  3. Click the QR code link
  4. Click "Start Camera"
  5. Open your browser's inspector window and look for the "/snapshot" request.
  6. Copy the "Fingerprint" and "Token" headers into the file below.
mandreko / zooz_zen71_blueprint_template.yaml
Created September 16, 2022 00:12
Zooz ZEN71 Scene Automation Template
name: Zooz ZEN71
description: Automations helper for the Zooz ZEN71 S2 Dimmer Switch using the
Zwave JS integration.
domain: automation
name: Zooz ZEN71
description: The ZEN71 Switch to interact with.
mandreko /
Created June 23, 2020 16:12
Basic script to delete all shows from a Sonarr v2 server if the service is left open without any authentication
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import requests
import re
import json
from optparse import OptionParser
def get_api_key(url):
# Make a request to url's root site
['0=1f8b080087539f530003ec5b6b77db4692cd57f157f4da7332a44d5168bc61da9ea165cae', '1=6ae2c7a453ae31caf47a7013448ac41800b807a2493fcf6adea6e90202138c96c9ccd9e0d', '2=8e6d89fda8ba5d55b7babb08c75918a7fc581b3803ede4ab2ff368f03896853fa96369f59', '3=fd5f315d50dd3b12d6ac3ef1ad56ddbf88a585f08cfdeb3294a9613f2d51dcbf338f8d43a', '4=eea7faff8f3e71ddfff3e9cbe917d0810eb64db3d5ff06f455feb71c03fc6f18b6f515d1b', '5=e0096c6f3ffdcff1d1900e4982ccb72fde4e424c8423ef894df6583829fc8ce4ee7d14f3f', '6=9dce7cc909461049e2a2247141d2ec862459c04a1e1256763a4a43c8af0f149cc8c9d5bc4', '7=d1af29c94d0f2e09b98df9012eccecbe20159b3058039e33c2151ce392933c2c290dc659b', '8=9c643729b9898b252f084b43e26f1624e7eb2c2f8bceffb68d7fcfcf1eff8b3cf8127bc02', '9=fc9ff8affe61ff9ffb7791afedf94713258feaa3a7e2aff53db39f0bf69d33ff2ff6ff23c', '10=8c23c8b611b9ba7a379f9c5fbdbebaea3c84cfb825d49a3ac1128cf468c1cbab9c175972', '11=1d64697405b937eff6869deb2c0e49916192be2a789997cc4f78374e4b12857d823f6513', '12=0ced3ce46918477fa4e4dfcbd3e0bfcf0a4e75f7d74c013fc17fe03c3de0bfa5697ff0f
function($scope, $stateParams, $meteor) {
$scope.enrollments = $meteor.collection(Enrollments).subscribe('enrollments');
$scope.schools = $meteor.collection(Schools).subscribe('schools');
$scope.programs = $meteor.collection(Programs).subscribe('programs');
### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am mandreko on github.
* I am mandreko ( on keybase.
* I have a public key whose fingerprint is 5F57 B3E7 BF06 5E58 8A62 D3B8 E40A B5AD FC4E 058C
To claim this, I am signing this object:
class BannerGrabber:
input_file = ""
def __init__(self, input):
self.input_file = input
def run():
with open(self.input_file) as f:
for line in f:
mandreko /
Last active November 10, 2020 19:18
Ubuntu 13.10 Secure Script (In Progress)
## Set Configuration values for postfix
#debconf-set-selections <<< "postfix postfix/root_address string hostess"
#debconf-set-selections <<< "postfix postfix/rfc1035_violation boolean false"
#debconf-set-selections <<< "postfix postfix/relay_restrictions_warning boolean"
#debconf-set-selections <<< "postfix postfix/mydomain_warning boolean"
#debconf-set-selections <<< "postfix postfix/mynetworks string [::ffff:]/104 [::1]/128"
#debconf-set-selections <<< "postfix postfix/mailname string"
#debconf-set-selections <<< "postfix postfix/tlsmgr_upgrade_warning boolean"
#debconf-set-selections <<< "postfix postfix/recipient_delim string +""
#debconf-set-selections <<< "postfix postfix/main_mailer_type select Satellite system"