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Last active Oct 21, 2018
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Creates necessary Kubernetes deployment resource group, azure AAD, Azure service principle and appropriate permission
az account set --subscription <subscriptionName>
azureSubscriptionId=$(az account show --query id -o tsv)
# Azure resource group to deploy cluster
az group create --name $clusterResourceGroupName --location westeurope
az ad app create --display-name $appName --homepage "$appName" --identifier-uris "$appName"
aadappId=$(az ad app list --display-name $appName --query '[].appId' -o tsv)
echo $aadappId
# Note :: No scope or role provided, then the default will provide contributer role for the whole subscription
az ad sp create-for-rbac --name $aadappId --password $spnPwd --role "Contributor" --scopes "/subscriptions/$azureSubscriptionId/resourceGroups/$clusterResourceGroupName"
spnAppId=$(az ad sp list --display-name $aadappId --query "[].appId" -o tsv)
echo $spnAppId
# List the roles assigned to the SPN
az role assignment list --assignee $spnAppId --all
# Optional : Insert Additional Role assignment here
# az role assignment create --assignee $spnAppId --role "contributor" --scope "/subscriptions/$azureSubscriptionId/resourceGroups/$clusterResourceGroupName"
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