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Last active August 12, 2018 14:52
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service Controller {
// provisions a volume
rpc CreateVolume (CreateVolumeRequest)
returns (CreateVolumeResponse) {}
// deletes a previously provisioned volume
rpc DeleteVolume (DeleteVolumeRequest)
returns (DeleteVolumeResponse) {}
// make a volume available on some required node
rpc ControllerPublishVolume (ControllerPublishVolumeRequest)
returns (ControllerPublishVolumeResponse) {}
// make a volume un-available on some required node
rpc ControllerUnpublishVolume (ControllerUnpublishVolumeRequest)
returns (ControllerUnpublishVolumeResponse) {}
// E.g. can it be used for read/write simultaneously from multiple nodes
rpc ValidateVolumeCapabilities (ValidateVolumeCapabilitiesRequest)
returns (ValidateVolumeCapabilitiesResponse) {}
// return all available volumes
rpc ListVolumes (ListVolumesRequest)
returns (ListVolumesResponse) {}
// capacity of the total available storage pool
rpc GetCapacity (GetCapacityRequest)
returns (GetCapacityResponse) {}
// E.g. plugins might not implement GetCapacity, Snapshotting
rpc ControllerGetCapabilities (ControllerGetCapabilitiesRequest)
returns (ControllerGetCapabilitiesResponse) {}
// make a snapshot
rpc CreateSnapshot (CreateSnapshotRequest)
returns (CreateSnapshotResponse) {}
// Delete a given snapshot
rpc DeleteSnapshot (DeleteSnapshotRequest)
returns (DeleteSnapshotResponse) {}
// list snapshots
rpc ListSnapshots (ListSnapshotsRequest)
returns (ListSnapshotsResponse) {}
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