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A friendly formatter for curl requests to help with debugging.
============= HOST: ==========\n
local_ip: %{local_ip}\n
local_port: %{local_port}\n
remote_ip: %{remote_ip}\n
remote_port: %{remote_port}\n
======= CONNECTION: ==========\n
http_version: %{http_version}\n
http_code: %{http_code}\n
http_connect: %{http_connect}\n
num_connects: %{num_connects}\n
num_redirects: %{num_redirects}\n
redirect_url: %{redirect_url}\n
============= FILE: ==========\n
content_type: %{content_type}\n
filename_effective: %{filename_effective}\n
ftp_entry_path: %{ftp_entry_path}\n
size_download: %{size_download}\n
size_header: %{size_header}\n
size_request: %{size_request}\n
size_upload: %{size_upload}\n
speed_download: %{speed_download}\n
speed_upload: %{speed_upload}\n
ssl_verify_result: %{ssl_verify_result}\n
url_effective: %{url_effective}\n
=== TIME BREAKDOWN: ==========\n
time_appconnect: %{time_appconnect}\n
time_connect: %{time_connect}\n
time_namelookup: %{time_namelookup}\n
time_pretransfer: %{time_pretransfer}\n
time_redirect: %{time_redirect}\n
time_starttransfer: %{time_starttransfer}\n
time_total: %{time_total}\n
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manifestinteractive commented Aug 17, 2015

Steps to Use:

#1. Make a file named sniff.txt and paste the contents of this gist into it
#2. Make an alias in your .bash_profile or .zshrc ( or whatever you use ) that looks like this ( make sure to source .bash_profile the file afterwards ):

alias sniff='curl -w "@/path/to/sniff.txt" -o /dev/null -O --remote-name --remote-header-name -s'

#3. Now you can use your alias to get some fun data back:


You will get a response that looks like this:

=============  HOST:  ==========

         local_port:  49364
        remote_port:  443

=======  CONNECTION:  ==========

       http_version:  1.1
          http_code:  400
       http_connect:  000
       num_connects:  1
      num_redirects:  0

=============  FILE:  ==========

       content_type:  application/json; charset=utf-8
 filename_effective:  /dev/null
      size_download:  62
        size_header:  510
       size_request:  111
        size_upload:  0
     speed_download:  247.000
       speed_upload:  0.000
  ssl_verify_result:  0

===  TIME BREAKDOWN:  ==========

    time_appconnect:  0.209910
       time_connect:  0.103317
    time_namelookup:  0.063557
   time_pretransfer:  0.210209
      time_redirect:  0.000000
 time_starttransfer:  0.250681
         time_total:  0.250819

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Only piece missing is:

"http_version": "%{http_version}",\n

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Also, filename_effective will always be /dev/null if you don't use -O, --remote-name and --remote-name-header.

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won't num_redirects always be zero since you don't pass the -L parameter to curl? and if you do use -L, wouldn't that mess up the timings since you then have multiple requests?

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Hi, do you mind explanning why total time is not the sum of all other values?

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