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Last active November 13, 2023 11:24
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Various search databases and backends as alternatives to Elasticsearch.





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tpayet commented Mar 26, 2020

If I may add more informations on the Rust alternatives:

  • Tantivy & Bleve are alternatives to Lucene, the library that Elasticsearch and Solr use under the hood
  • Toshi is to Tantivy what Elasticsearch is to Lucene
  • Bayard provides RAFT consensus (for replication) and a gRPC interface on top of Tantivy
  • MeiliSearch focus end-user search, site-search or app-search, a subset of what you could build with ES

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Attumm commented Feb 9, 2023

Would it be possible to add LambdaDB a Go in memory database for searching.
Lambdadb makes it possible that with just a csv of the data, into having contains search up and running within minutes.

It's used in production at multiple companies, a example of the database with +9 million records is running here, click the yellow.

There are even some instances with +100 million records.

Although is used, there haven't been many feature requests lately.

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