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I would like to express my gratitude to Edward Cable, Victor Romero , Karina Munoz, Rajan Maurya and all community members for their exceptional help to get me head started as well as make my summer one of the most productive one. My mentors were always there for me whenever I needed any slight help. They helped me to trasverse through all the the GSoC period. I am looking forward to work under their guidance post GSoC period to enhance the project and contribute to other projects as well.


Fiinwallet is a mobile app making use of Mifos self-service APIs. The app follows down to the concept of automating financial services to end users by opening a basic savings account, make transfers,view statements, apply for loans, etc.

Salient features

  1. The app implements a basic KYC flow to automate the activation process through selfie to ID card comparison.

  2. Fiinwallet is a hybrid app built on ionic framework, hence the same codebase can be used to generate applications for multiple platforms.

  3. The app uses Angular's internatilsation supporting multiple languages at runtime according to device configuration saving the effort to rebuild different releases for separate languages.

  4. The app uses a middleware to call the fineract APIs which improves the security scope with the API manipulation.

  5. The code to the app can be found at fiinwallet.

Work done during GSoC period

-- Feat: Added Dashboard screen

Pull request link

-- Feat: Added Benefeciary page, Accounts Page, Account Details Page and others

Pull request link

-- Connected to REST APIs

Pull request link

-- Added middleware endpoints

Pull request link

-- Feat: Added KYC page

Pull request link

-- Feat: Added Savings Charges

Pull request link

-- Feat: Loan Section (Curently working)

Minor issues and bugs


Before starting for the project, I had a very little catch on the technologies that we were using in this project but I was lucky to have found great mentors and an awesome community. My mentors allowed me time to get some familiarity with the required tech stack and were very responsive in the GSoC period. Specially, Victor Romero sir was connected to me on IM and I could instanlty get my doubts cleared if I had any blocker. I had a lot of learning throughout the period. The community culture is very awesome where we have weekly check-in calls hosted by Ed Cable. Overall, My experience was more than just awesome. I am looking forward to be a member of the community in the future and have the learning curve up all the time. Thanks to all the members of The Mifos Initiative.

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