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Last active Sep 2, 2020
Online Banking App 4.0 Report
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Google Summer of Code 2020 Report


Organisation: The Mifos Initiative

Project Name: Online Banking App 4.0

Mentor: Ankit Ojha

Github repository link:

Commits made during GSoC: Link

Overview of Project:

  • Online Banking App is the customer facing web-app which currently utilizes Self Service APIs to let the users interact with their own data such as view/transact on the loans they hold, view beneficiaries, check charges etc.

APK genreation guidelines for the fiinwallet Project

The APK genration process is achieved by Cordova. The suggested version for Cordova CLI is 7.1.0 , You can go with the latest version also, In case an Error is encountered, follow the below command to install Cordova CLI 7.1.0

$ sudo npm unistall cordova -g

$ sudo npm install -g cordova@7.1.0

$ npm install

Preparing the Android platform

manigedit /
Last active Oct 7, 2019


I would like to express my gratitude to Edward Cable, Victor Romero , Karina Munoz, Rajan Maurya and all community members for their exceptional help to get me head started as well as make my summer one of the most productive one. My mentors were always there for me whenever I needed any slight help. They helped me to trasverse through all the the GSoC period. I am looking forward to work under their guidance post GSoC period to enhance the project and contribute to other projects as well.


Fiinwallet is a mobile app making use of Mifos self-service APIs. The app follows down to the concept of automating financial services to end users by opening a basic savings account, make transfers,view statements, apply for loans, etc.

Salient features

  1. The app implements a basic KYC flow to automate the activation process through
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