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Created October 14, 2018 20:29
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Kotlin Multiplatform framework
task packForXCode(type: Sync) {
final File frameworkDir = new File(buildDir, "xcode-frameworks")
final String mode = System.getenv('CONFIGURATION')?.toUpperCase() ?: 'DEBUG' "mode", mode
dependsOn kotlin.targets.iOS.compilations.main.linkTaskName("FRAMEWORK", mode)
from { kotlin.targets.iOS.compilations.main.getBinary("FRAMEWORK", mode).parentFile }
into frameworkDir
doLast {
new File(frameworkDir, 'gradlew').with {
text = "#!/bin/bash\nexport 'JAVA_HOME=${System.getProperty("java.home")}'\ncd '${rootProject.rootDir}'\n./gradlew \$@\n"
} packForXCode
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