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Practice: DevOps:
The Difference Between Docker Compose And Docker Stack.
Answer: Docker stack is ignoring “build” instructions. You can’t build new images using the stack commands. It need pre-built images to exist. So docker-compose is better suited for development scenarios.
Q: Which is more suitable for Docker Container, Stateless or Stateful application?
A: Stateless applications should be preferred over a Stateful application for Docker Container. For instance, we can create one container from our application and take out the configurable state parameters from the app. Once it is one, we can run the same container with different parameters in production and other environments. Through the Stateless application, we can reuse the same image in distinct scenarios. Also, it is easier to scale a Stateless application that a Stateful application when it comes to Docker Containers.
Q: Explain the disparity between the commands ‘Docker run’ and ‘Docker create’.
Answer: The primary difference between Docker r
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for i in *.txt; do
if [ -s "$i" ]
echo "$i has some data."
while read p; do
for j in $(echo $p | sed "s/,/ /g")
# call your procedure/other scripts here below
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Ecology is the study of interactions of organisms among themselves and with their environment. It seeks to understand patterns in nature (e.g., the spatial and temporal distribution of organisms) and the processes governing those patterns. Climatology is the study of the physical state of the atmosphere – its instantaneous state or weather, its seasonal-to-interannual variability, its long-term average condition or climate, and how climate changes over time. These two fields of scientific study are distinctly different. Ecology is a discipline within the biological sciences and has as its core the principle of natural selection. Climatology is a discipline within the geophysical sciences based on applied physics and fluid dynamics. Both, however, share a common history.
The origin of these sciences is attributed to Aristotle and Theophrastus and their books Meteorological and Enquiry into
Plants, respectively, but their modern beginnings trace back to natural history and p
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1. You did not need a special knowledge to enjoy this book.
2. We see the stars that ... billion years ago. (大意为我们能看到几十亿年前的星星。动词待补充。)
3. Scientists were unsure when the early man left Africa.
4. The northern campus car park is located behind the library.
5. As a union member, we can influence the changes of the university. (不确定是否有student,加粗单词可以确定)
6. Neuroscience is compounded/is a compound of completely separate parts.
7. More graduate training is needed after university is finished.
8. The horizontal line on the graph indicates there was no periodical change/there was no change in the period.
9. Our facilities include five libraries in the university.
10. Purity is one feature that makes gold expensive.
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One of the most conspicuous trends in today’s world is affecting personal life due to spending too much time on work in all over the world. There is a wide range of factors that account why this is happening. In my opinion, this situation can be remedied provided that some effective measures are taken.
There is a myriad reason of this soaring concern, unlike everyday problem, which can be dealt with easily, shortage of time, which is extremely perilous can lead to an array of issues such as relationship problems and growth of children. Thanks to the aforementioned predicaments, it can not only affect people but also society can suffer immensely.
Steps to deal with this problem are many, but the most important is in fact not only a remote and unexpected, but also accessible and practicable. The primary one stems from the facts that by ensuring implementation of fact and policies, the government authorities can help a native thrive. Besides, international organization and local authorities
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Bar Graph
The given bar graph is depicting the information about _______________.
The X-axis gives the information about the _____, while the Y-axis gives the information about the _____.
___ holds the highest percentage which is ___%, while ___ holds the lowest percentage which is ___%.
In conclusion, the information presented in the graph is very accurate and descriptive. This clearly describes the image.
Line Graph
The given line graph is depicting the information about _______________.
The X-axis gives the information about the _____, while the Y-axis gives the information about the _____.
From an overall perspective, we can see that ___ holds the highest percentage which is ___%, while ___ holds the lowest percentage which is ___%.
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node() {
stage('Build') {
println 'I prepare the build for the parallel steps'
stage('Test') {
parallel (
"win7-vs2012" : { stage("checkout") { }; stage("build") { }; stage("test") { } },
"win10-vs2015" : { stage("checkout") { }; stage("build") { }; stage("test") { }},
"linux-gcc5" : { stage("checkout") { }; stage("build") { }; stage("test") { } }
manishmore / DockerToDrupal.txt
Created Nov 10, 2018
Install Drupal through the Docker Composer.
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Here is the docker command to launch a MySQL 5.7 container, name it "DrupalMysql", set a
few environment variables, expose the MySQL port 3306 as 3308 on the local host and daemonise it:
docker run \
--name DrupalMysql \
-e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=my-secret-pw \
-e MYSQL_DATABASE=drupal \
-e MYSQL_USER=drupal \
-e MYSQL_PASSWORD=drupal \
-p 3308:3306 \
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