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Solution to the Warm Exercises - Scrabble Problem. In Clojure because its sexiness defies understanding....
(ns scrabble.core)
(def letter-scores [{:score 1 :letters "aeioulnrst"}
{:score 2 :letters "dg"}
{:score 3 :letters "bcmp"}
{:score 4 :letters "fhvwy"}
{:score 5 :letters "k"}
{:score 8 :letters "jx"}
{:score 10 :letters "qz"}])
(def modifier-example-one {:double "ac"
:triple "i"})
(def modifier-example-two {:double-word true
:triple-word true})
(defn letter-in? [letter coll]
;; Determine this collection has our letter.
(some #(= letter %) (:letters coll)))
(defn get-letter-score [letter]
;; Return the score of the first collection that contains our letter.
(:score (first (filter #(letter-in? letter %) letter-scores))))
(defn get-word-score [word]
;; Lower case the given word and give a score for it.
(if-not (nil? word)
(apply + (map get-letter-score (clojure.string/lower-case word)))
;; If we're not given anything, avoid null pointer and give 0.
(defn apply-modifiers [w mods]
(apply + (filter identity (conj ()
;; Double word score just adds the letters.
(get-word-score (:double mods))
;; Triple word score adds double the letters.
(* 2 (get-word-score (:triple mods)))
;; Double word score adds the value of the word.
(when (:double-word mods)
(get-word-score w))
;; Triple word score adds double value of the word.
(when (:triple-word mods)
(* 2 (get-word-score w)))))))
(defn scrabble-word
;; Just get a basic word score
([w] (get-word-score w))
;; If we have any modifiers apply them to the base score
([w mods] (+ (get-word-score w) (apply-modifiers w mods))))
(get-word-score "Clojure")
(get-word-score "Fish")
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