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Created November 3, 2020 20:19
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>>> from summarizer import TransformerSummarizer
>>> import re
>>> xlnet_model = TransformerSummarizer(transformer_type="XLNet",transformer_model_key="xlnet-base-cased")
>>> text = " ".join(tweet_data)
>>> TEXT_CLEANING_RE = "@\S+|https?:\S+|http?:\S|[^A-Za-z0-9]+"
>>> text = re.sub(TEXT_CLEANING_RE, ' ', str(text).lower()).strip()
>>> summerize = ''.join(xlnet_model(text, min_length=60, max_length=120))
>>> summerize
"The fixwithohimai and chidiodinkalu look ahead to tomorrow's presidential election. The uselections2020 overnight show will feature guests on both sides of the at trump s defeat.
A new poll shows potus leading in one of the most important swing states pennsylvania."
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