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Last active Jan 21, 2016
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Common Rails Commands
Common Rails Commands
rails new app
rails server
rails generate Scaffold name:string email:string
bundle exec rake db:migrate
rails console
bundle exec rake test
bundle exec guard init
bundle exec guard
rails generate integration_test site_layout # generate integration test like for 'site layout'
rails generate controller Users new
rails destroy controller AccountActivations
rails generate model User name:string email:string
rails generate uploader Picture
bundle exec rake db:migrate
bundle exec rake db:migrate:status
bundle exec rake db:rollback # undo db migration
rails console --sandbox # any modification will be rolled back
bundle exec rake test:models # test for models
rails generate migration add_index_to_users_email
rails generate migration add_password_digest_to_users password_digest:string
# Remove/ Reset Database
bundle exec rake db:migrate:reset
bundle exec rake db:seed # Load sample data from seeds.rb file
# do not install gem from production
bundle install --without production
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