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Last active Dec 19, 2015
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Common Git Commands
Useful Git Commands:
git config --global "Emmanuel Rosani"
git config --global ""
//Ignore files globally
//Create .gitignore_global file in the user directory containing files/folders you wish to ignore
git config --global core.excludesfile Users\Rosani\.gitignore_global
git add .
git commit -m "My message"
git status
//show commit logs
git log
// show difference between files
git diff
// Delete File and adds it to staging index
git rm --filename
//Rename file and adds it to staging index
// moving and renaming are synonymous
git mv first_file secondary_file
// Useful only for modified files. Not for deleted files.
git commit -am "Commit Message"
// Undo changes in file
// can be used for branches and files
// -- indicates that we're not checking out on branch,
// we're checking out file in the current branch
git checkout -- index.html // undos changes in index.html file
//Unstage changes in file
git reset HEAD filename.txt
// Amending commits (Make changes to recent commit)
git commit --amend m "New commit message"
// See changes in staged file
git diff --staged
// Reverting changes to commit
// Undo changes in commit
git revert ed5f91c77f52b3c9ff
// Soft Reset
git reset --soft 7f988b5956661ea8
// Mixed Reset
git reset --mixed 7f988b5956661ea8
// Hard Reset
git reset --hard 7f988b5956661ea8
// Delete untracked files
git clean -f
// Sample .ignore file
# comment
# Do not ignore videos in this directory
// Ignore tracked files and not remove the file from the directory
git rm --cached tempfile2.txt
// Track empty directories
add .gitkeep in it
// Create new branch
git branch name_of_branch
// Create a new branch and checkout on it
git checkout -b name_of_branch
// Compare changes between two branches
git diff master..name_of_branch
// checks if commits are merged in current branch
git branch --merged
// Rename a branch
git branch -m name_of_branch name_of_new_branch
// Branch to delete
git branch -d branch_to_delete
// set command prompt to show directory and current branch currently working i.e(explore_california(master) > )
// must be added to .bash_profile file in user/home directory
export PS1='\W$(__git_ps1 "(%s)") > '
// Merge current branch to master branch
// Firstly, checkout to branch you want it to be merged ie (git checkout master)
// branch_to_merge will be merged to master branch
git merge branch_to_merge
// show changes on commits
git show 58b3bfc
// Saving changes in stash
git stash save "Message"
// Show stash list
git stash list
// Show edits in stash
git stash show -p stash@{0}
// Apply changes on a particular stash and delete it
git stash pop stash@{0}
// Apply changes on stash but not delete the stash
git stash apply
// Delete/drop particular stash
git stash drop stash@{0}
// Clear all stashes
git stash clear
// Add remote repository and push it in remote server
// Track remote branches
git remote add origin
git push -u origin master
// show remote and local branches
git branch -a
// fetch from remote repository for synchronization
// - always fetch before work
// - fetch before you push
// - fetch often
git fetch
// Merge from origin master to master branch
// git pull = git fetch + git merge
git pull origin master
// Delete a remote repository
// prepend a colon to the remote branch name
git push origin :non_tracking
git push origin --delete non_tracking
- git checkout master (Should be on Master branch)
- git fetch (Find out what new commits has been changed)
- git merge origin/master (merge changes from local master branch to remote master branch to be totally in synced)
- git checkout -b feedback_form (creates feedback form branch as a new feature for the new site)
- git add feedback.html (Add for staging area)
- git commit -m "Add customer feedback form"
- git fetch (for any changes added to another collaborates)
- git push -u origin feedback_form
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