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Transcript of this video post from Adam Mosseri, 12/14/2023. Linked from Manton's blog post.

This week we're launching Threads in Europe and we're taking another step towards support for the fediverse and ActivityPub.

Now, Threads launched five months ago, and we're excited to be announcing today that we're launching Threads across all of Europe. And we're particularly excited about this because of football, because of F1, because of fashion, and because of all of these other amazing rich communities that have deep roots in Europe.

So please check it out, sign up, let us know what you think.

The other major announcement today is a step towards fediverse and ActivityPub support. So, this is an open protocol for social networks so that they can talk to each other, and so you can actually even move eventually your followers from one app to another — Mastodon being one of the bigger ones.

So starting this week, my account on Threads, as well as a few others from the team, will be able to be followed by people who have accounts on Mastodon and other servers that support ActivityPub.

And this is just a baby step, we have a lot more to do. This work is taking longer than we thought given our safety work, given our compliance work, and given all the scrutiny on our company. But over 2024 we're going to be adding the ability to post from Threads to these other servers. We're going to eventually also support the ability to show replies in Threads natively, and eventually allow you to even follow accounts on those other servers from the Threads app itself.

So, many more steps to come over the course of 2024, but something that we're still very committed to doing.

Now, as we round out 2023, we're really excited about the progress that we've made. We have a hundred million monthly active users. We're seeing communities get excited about Threads all around the world. We've launched a number of features based on feedback from all of you. But we're still far from where we want to be.

We want to be the de facto platform for conversations about what's happening in the world online. And we want to be a civil place for that to happen, a place for healthy conversations.

Now, this is going to take years, but I'm really excited about the prospects, particularly given our first five months — and all the things that we've got queued up for you that we have yet to be able to announce.

So let us know down below in the comments what else you'd like to see, what you think of Threads, what you want to have come out of 2024. And I'll see you all soon.


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