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Valid action types for the Trello API
CREATE_CARD = "createCard";
COMMENT_CARD = "commentCard";
UPDATE_CARD = "updateCard";
UPDATE_CARD_ID_LIST = "updateCard:idList";
UPDATE_CARD_CLOSED = "updateCard:closed";
UPDATE_CARD_DESC = "updateCard:desc";
UPDATE_CARD_NAME = "updateCard:name";
ADD_MEMBER_TO_CARD = "addMemberToCard";
REMOVE_MEMBER_FROM_CARD = "removeMemberFromCard";
UPDATE_CHECK_ITEM = "updateCheckItemStateOnCard";
ADD_ATTACHMENT = "addAttachmentToCard";
REMOVE_ATTACHMENT = "removeAttachmentFromCard";
ADD_CHECKLIST = "addChecklistToCard";
REMOVE_CHECKLIST = "removeChecklistFromCard";
CREATE_LIST = "createList";
UPDATE_LIST = "updateList";
CREATE_BOARD = "createBoard";
UPDATE_BOARD = "updateBoard";
ADD_MEMBER_TO_BOARD = "addMemberToBoard";
REMOVE_MEMBER_FROM_BOARD = "removeMemberFromBoard";
ADD_TO_ORGANIZATION_BOARD = "addToOrganizationBoard";
REMOVE_FROM_ORGANIZATION_BOARD = "removeFromOrganizationBoard";
CREATE_ORGANIZATION = "createOrganization";
UPDATE_ORGANIZATION = "updateOrganization";
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blesson3 commented Jul 19, 2017

For anyone looking for the comprehensive list: Trello API Action Types

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