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virtualenv postactivate and postdeactivate files for django. Place these files at $VIRTUAL_ENV/bin. That is inside the bin folder inside the virtualenv directory
# This hook is run after this virtualenv is activated.
# Place this file at $VIRTUAL_ENV/bin
# I usually drop something like this into my virtualenv's postactivate for some
# quick and handy shortcuts to common Django commands.
# This way dropping in to do some work on any arbitrary project is as easy as:
# 1. workon <project name>
# 2. djr
#Django command shortcuts
alias dj='python' # or some other file like
alias djr='dj runserver'
alias djdb='dj dbshell'
alias djs='dj shell'
alias djt='dj test'
alias djm='dj migrate'
alias djsm='dj startmigration'
alias cvt='coverage run --source=. test .'
#For more ideas/inspiration on managing settings across environments see:
# This hook is run after this virtualenv is deactivated.
# unset all aliases to leave things clean after you deactivate
unalias dj
unalias djr
unalias djdb
unalias djs
unalias djt
unalias djm
unalias djsm
unalias cvt
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