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Last active August 3, 2022 15:47
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Loading ArcGIS Service & GeoJSON

Loading ArcGIS Service & GeoJSON

This block demos a few things:

  1. Loading basemaps of Scott County, KY created in ArcGIS and served from ArcGIS Server using Esri-Leaflet. The amount of dialog boxes one has to go through to style features in ArcGIS makes the styling process a bit clunky, but it's possible to create a nice basemap in ArcGIS. The layer switcher shows two. The first one is based on OpenMapSurfer's style. The second is based on Stamen's Toner.
  2. Loading external GeoJSON data with D3. I had never used this method before until I came across Ian Johnson's tutorial series "Working with spatial data for the web". In the past I've used leaflet-ajax. It has worked well for me, but I like the idea of having D3 at my disposal and not having to load another library. Furthermore, while I do appreciate Calvin Metcalf's work on leaflet-ajax, D3 has a larger community contributing to it so I'm tempted to move to D3 for loading data.

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