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(ns giornata.core
(:require [enchilada :refer [canvas ctx value-of canvas-size]]
[jayq.core :refer [show]]
[monet.core :refer [animation-frame]]
[monet.canvas :refer [save restore
begin-path move-to line-to close-path
stroke stroke-style fill fill-rect fill-style
rotate translate]]
[giornata.hull :refer [convex-hull]]
[giornata.gen :refer [gen-points]]
[cljs.core.async :as a :refer [chan <! >! timeout]])
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :refer [go alt!]]))
(def width (first (canvas-size)))
(def height (second (canvas-size)))
(def padding 50)
(def delay 250)
(defn points
[w h]
(gen-points 20
padding (- width padding)
padding (- height padding)))
(defn draw-points
[ctx points]
(doseq [[x y] points]
(when (and x y)
(circle ctx {:x x :y y :r 4})
(stroke ctx)))
(defn draw-hull
[ctx points]
(when points
(begin-path ctx)
(doseq [[[ax ay] [bx by]] (partition 2 1 points)]
(move-to ctx ax ay)
(line-to ctx bx by))
(close-path ctx))
(defn render!
[ctx {:keys [points op hull dropped all-dropped]} & [other-hull]]
(-> ctx
(fill-style :white)
(fill-rect {:x 0 :y 0 :w width :h height})
(fill-style :white)
(stroke-style :#6A4A3C)
(draw-points points)
(fill-style :#00A0B0)
(stroke-style :transparent)
(draw-points hull)
(fill-style :#F9BF76)
(stroke-style :transparent)
(draw-points all-dropped)
(fill-style :#EB6841)
(stroke-style :transparent)
(draw-points [dropped])
(stroke-style :#00A0B0)
(draw-hull hull)
(draw-hull other-hull)
(defn render-final!
[ctx points upper lower]
(-> ctx
(fill-style :white)
(fill-rect {:x 0 :y 0 :w width :h height})
(fill-style :#F9BF76)
(stroke-style :transparent)
(draw-points points)
(fill-style :#00A0B0)
(stroke-style :transparent)
(draw-points upper)
(draw-points lower)
(stroke-style :#00A0B0)
(draw-hull upper)
(draw-hull lower)
(defn animate [ctx steps]
(doseq [step (:upper steps)]
(animation-frame identity)
(render! ctx step)
(<! (timeout delay)))
(let [other-hull (:hull (last (:upper steps)))]
(doseq [step (:lower steps)]
(animation-frame identity)
(render! ctx step other-hull)
(<! (timeout delay))))
(render-final! ctx
(:points steps)
(-> steps :upper last :hull)
(-> steps :lower last :hull))))
(show canvas)
(animate ctx (convex-hull (points width height)))
;;(animate ctx (convex-hull [[20 120] [30 70] [60 180] [120 60] [160 140]]))
(ns giornata.gen)
(defn gen-points
"Generates a vector of n points with coordinates in [0, max-x) and [0, max-y)."
[n min-x max-x min-y max-y]
(for [i (range n)]
[(+ (rand-int (- max-x min-x)) min-x)
(+ (rand-int (- max-y min-y)) min-y)]))
(ns giornata.hull)
(defn point-sort
(sort (fn [[ax ay] [bx by]]
(or (< ax bx)
(and (= ax bx)
(< ay by))))
(defn signed-area
[a b c]
(* (/ 1 2)
(+ (* (first b) (second a) -1)
(* (first c) (second a))
(* (first a) (second b))
(* (first c) (second b) -1)
(* (first a) (second c) -1)
(* (first b) (second c)))))
(defn right-turn?
[a b c]
(< (signed-area a b c) 0))
(defn collinear?
[a b c]
(< (signed-area a b c) 0.0001))
;;[points (vec (concat (subvec hull 0 (- (count hull) 2)
;; (subvec hull (dec (count hull)) (count hull))))]
(defn step-hull
[{:keys [points hull all-dropped]}]
(cond (and (> (count hull) 2)
(not (apply right-turn? (take-last 3 hull))))
(let [dropped (nth hull (- (count hull) 2))]
{:op :drop
:points points
:hull (concat (drop-last 2 hull)
[(last hull)])
:all-dropped (conj all-dropped dropped)
:dropped dropped})
(empty? points)
{:op :fin
:points nil
:hull hull
:all-dropped all-dropped}
{:op :add
:points (rest points)
:hull (conj (vec hull) (first points))
:all-dropped all-dropped}))
(defn convex-hull
(let [sorted (point-sort points)
upper (iterate step-hull {:op :start
:points sorted})
lower (iterate step-hull {:op :start
:points (reverse sorted)})]
{:points points
:upper (take-while #(not (= (:op %) :fin)) upper)
:lower (take-while #(not (= (:op %) :fin)) lower)}))
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