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Github Tips and Tricks

Github Tips and Tricks

Did you know that Github, since being acquired by Microsoft, now supports unlimited private repos?

You can import Bitbucket repos simply by providing a clone URL AND IT ADDS ALL OF THOSE CONTRIBUTIONS TO YOUR PROFILE, IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER!

Contribution Settings

Now that you've imported your private repos into Github (BitBucket is crying right now), let's bolster up your contribution stats.

In your profile, you can show private repo contributions on your profile graph! You can also show an activity overview.

The App Marketplace

Github now has a marketplace! Some of the best apps are FREE code analysis tools!

Some notable free analysis apps are:

  • Codacity
  • Better Code Hub
  • CodeFactor


  • Snyk


  • ImgBot (pull requests optimized image files!)

Things you should be doing regularly

  • Create gists for personal notes that could help some people.
  • Star and follow repos that interest you so Github can recommend other helpful repos to you.
  • Make simple contributions to your favourite repos like updating the files -- this can really go a long way in helping beginners!
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