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Last active January 4, 2016 07:09
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etherpad v1.4.0-rc1
* SECURITY FIX: PLugin manager: escape rendered npm package info
* FIX: PLugin manager: Update npm to fix fetching of plugins
* FIX: Import: Dont die on bad html
* FIX: Export: when exporting HTML include html and body
* FIX: Editor: Correct links with protocols that are not equal to http
* FIX: Finally, Update padList correctly
* FIX: Fix walking caret bug (#1766)
* FIX: Add input validation for html param in setHTML()
* FIX: Timeslider: Don't crash if CHANGESET_REQ fails
* FIX: Dont error when pressing del at pos(0,0)
* FIX: Use node crypto module in randomString function for security
* FIX: Editor: Allow square brackets to be part of a url
* FIX: Import:Allow to try again after failed import
* FIX: padUsers API endpoint could block if a user disconnects while listing the users
* FIX: Don't break the client if changes come in while initializing the editor
* FIX: Don't crash over a corrupt changeset
* FIX: Allow deleting a session even if certain values don't exist
* NEW: Metrics and stats at /stats
* NEW: Modularize toolbar
* NEW: Localisation updates
* NEW: Improved language auto-detection
* NEW: support node v0.11
* NEW: add pad copy/move API functions
* NEW: allow for lighter author colors
* NEW: Editor: getAttributeOnSelection method
* NEW: Import hooks
* NEW: aceDomLinePreProcessLineAttributes hook
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