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const article = {
"id": "a2f693f1-e63c-4190-81b3-7a0b459a2517",
"author": {
"id": "6e9418c3-8658-466f-81d6-58ac5548d3dd",
"displayName": "Gene Price",
"avatar": "",
"color": "#486071",
"url": "author/Gene-Price_6e9418c3-8658-466f-81d6-58ac5548d3dd"
"title": "at odit nulla",
"description": "Perferendis consectetur qui explicabo. Id sunt odio ut ut harum. Consequatur nemo id. Ab natus alias facilis eius. Fuga quidem quibusdam fugit voluptates in ullam facilis.",
"createdAt": "2019-06-04T07:58:16.067Z",
"image": "",
"articleUrl": "blog/a2f693f1-e63c-4190-81b3-7a0b459a2517"
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