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Created November 22, 2022 19:57
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Git Commit message Emoji

Inspired by dannyfritz/commit-message-emoji

See also gitmoji.

Commit type Emoji
Initial commit πŸŽ‰ :tada:
Version tag πŸ”– :bookmark:
New feature ✨ :sparkles:
Bugfix πŸ› :bug:
Metadata πŸ“‡ :card_index:
Documentation πŸ“š :books:
Documenting source code πŸ’‘ :bulb:
Performance 🐎 :racehorse:
Cosmetic πŸ’„ :lipstick:
Tests 🚨 :rotating_light:
Adding a test βœ… :white_check_mark:
Make a test pass βœ”οΈ :heavy_check_mark:
General update ⚑ :zap:
Improve format/structure 🎨 :art:
Refactor code πŸ”¨ :hammer:
Removing code/files πŸ”₯ :fire:
Continuous Integration πŸ’š :green_heart:
Security πŸ”’ :lock:
Upgrading dependencies ⬆️ :arrow_up:
Downgrading dependencies ⬇️ :arrow_down:
Lint πŸ‘• :shirt:
Translation πŸ‘½ :alien:
Text πŸ“ :pencil:
Critical hotfix πŸš‘ :ambulance:
Deploying stuff πŸš€ :rocket:
Fixing on MacOS 🍎 :apple:
Fixing on Linux 🐧 :penguin:
Fixing on Windows 🏁 :checkered_flag:
Work in progress 🚧 :construction:
Adding CI build system πŸ‘· :construction_worker:
Analytics or tracking code πŸ“ˆ :chart_with_upwards_trend:
Removing a dependency βž– :heavy_minus_sign:
Adding a dependency βž• :heavy_plus_sign:
Docker 🐳 :whale:
Configuration files πŸ”§ :wrench:
Package.json in JS πŸ“¦ :package:
Merging branches πŸ”€ :twisted_rightwards_arrows:
Bad code / need improv. πŸ’© :hankey:
Reverting changes βͺ :rewind:
Breaking changes πŸ’₯ :boom:
Code review changes πŸ‘Œ :ok_hand:
Accessibility β™Ώ :wheelchair:
Move/rename repository 🚚 :truck:
Other Be creative
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