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Last active January 29, 2022 04:00
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Web Development Knowledge Base

Commit and PR Types

Format: <type>(<scope>): <subject>

  • <scope> would be something like edit:(design) changed the styling of header on the base layout


feat: added ability to edit users
^--^  ^------------^
|     |
|     +-> Summary in present tense.
+-------> Type: fix, feat, edit, refact, chore, build, test, docs, revert, or perf.
  • fix - Bug Fixes - A bug fix
  • feat - Features - A new feature
  • edit - Code Edits - Small changes to the code that do not drastically change results (e.g adding shadow, changing text color, etc)
  • refact - Refactoring - Changes to code without altering the results (e.g cleaning up unused code, removing whitespace, renaming variables/class names, adding code comments, etc)
  • chore - Chores - Any other changes that do not modify production code or tests (e.g dependencies, .gitignore, .vscode, etc)
  • build - Builds - Changes that affect the build system (e.g docker)
  • test - Tests - Adding or changing tests
  • docs - Documentation - Changes to documentation NOT code comments!
  • revert - Reverts - Reverting to a previous commit
  • perf - Performance Improvements - Changes that improve the performance


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