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Marcin Grzejszczak marcingrzejszczak

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"annotations": {
"list": [
"builtIn": 1,
"datasource": "-- Grafana --",
"enable": true,
"hide": true,
"iconColor": "rgba(0, 211, 255, 1)",
"name": "Annotations & Alerts",
marcingrzejszczak / README.adoc
Created Jul 8, 2019
How to replicate Gradle not loading extension modules
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The problem

spring-cloud-contract-spec-groovy contains extension modules to the spring-cloud-contract-spec-java classes. The spring-cloud-contract-spec module includes both the groovy and the java modules together.

The whole project is being built and tested successfully apart from the integration with Gradle.

How to replicate

Clone the project, checkout the branch and build the whole thing without running tests:

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Spring Cloud Pipelines to Cloud Pipelines Migration


Spring Cloud Pipelines

Spring Cloud Pipelines is a GitHub project that tries to solve the following problems:

marcingrzejszczak / sc-contract-polyglot.adoc
Last active Feb 13, 2018
Spring Cloud Contract Polyglot Support
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Spring Cloud Contract Polyglot Support

Table of contents

  • What is Contract Testing

    • different types of tests - all about fast feedback

    • end to end testing as a potential solution to integration testing

    • brittlness and slowness as a source of frustration

    • contract testing as a potential solution to the problem

  • Introduction to the maven nomenclature

marcingrzejszczak /
Last active Apr 21, 2021
Notes on Sleuth to Brave migration



  • Messaging
  • Baggage

Discuss what do we do with the TraceKeys in callables / runnables


marcingrzejszczak /
Created Jul 10, 2017
Bash mustache replacement
echo "the number is {{i}} and the dog's name is {{name}}" > file.txt
cat file.txt
# the number is {{i}} and the dog's name is {{name}}
sed -i 's/{{i}}/5/;s/{{name}}/foo/' file.txt
cat file.txt
# the number is 5 and the dog's name is foo
marcingrzejszczak / dashboard.json
Last active Apr 21, 2017
Grafana & Prometheus - Spring Cloud Pipelines demo
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"annotations": {
"list": []
"editable": true,
"gnetId": null,
"graphTooltip": 0,
"hideControls": false,
"id": 2,
"links": [],
marcingrzejszczak /
Created Aug 18, 2016
Automatically deploys the docs for the given tag to spring-cloud-static; requires /tmp/ file downloaded
#!/bin/bash -x
git checkout v${version} && mvn -s .settings.xml clean install -P docs -DskipTests -pl docs && /tmp/ -v ${version} -d ~/repo/all-cloud/spring-cloud-static && git reset --hard